PASE (Parent Advisory for Special Education)

PASE (Parent Advisory for Special Education)

PASE services are for all parents. This dynamic group provides many services to increase awareness about special education for parents. Information and training sessions help parents understand new programs and services as well as hear about special topics. Getting parents together gives them a sounding board and helps build their resource network.

Additional PASE services include:

  • Providing updates on new or revised policies and rules
  • Reviewing IEP and other special education forms
  • Assisting with transition planning as older students move into more independent living
  • Demonstrating new technology which can help children learn
  • Showing how to revise plans for behavior support
  • Providing information on additional resources and support groups

Together, PASE members help parents become knowledgeable consumers of special eduation, build their skills as advocates for their children and improve the working relationship with the school district.


Contact Special Education Services of Kent ISD:
Phone: 616 365-2297

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