District Staff Directory
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Carla Allen-Hart (616) 254-5212High SchoolFaculty
Kristina Altman (616)254-5560Pine Island 3rd grade teacherFaculty
Sarah Anderson(616) 254-5288High SchoolFaculty
Cassie Arends(616) 254-5224High SchoolFaculty
Jeanette Badour(616) 254-5632Stoney CreekFaculty
Keith Baker(616) 254-5295High SchoolFaculty
Julie Barnes(616) 254-5532Pine Island 4th grade teacherFaculty
Jennifer Barnhardt (616)254-5501Pine Island SecretarySecretary
Denise Becker (616) 254-5320High SchoolFaculty
Cindy Bera (616) 254-5406North KentFaculty
Cheryl Bischer  High SchoolFaculty
Kelli Blouin(616) 254-5645Stoney CreekFaculty
Carolyn Bolthouse (616) 254-5214High SchoolFaculty
Linda Bouman(616) 254-5611Stoney CreekFaculty
Pat Bozek (616) 254-5052TransportationFaculty
Kyle Braun (616) 254-5636Stoney CreekFaculty
Katie Bredeweg (616) 254-5615Stoney CreekFaculty
Elizabeth Brown(616) 254-5170Mill CreekFaculty
Lisa Burkle(616) 254-5638Stoney CreekFaculty
Denise Butler(616) 254-5535Pine Island 5th grade teacherFaculty
Meghan Butler  Mill Creek & High SchoolFaculty
Pat Calkins (616) 254-5502Pine Island PBIS coordinatorFaculty
Laura Callahan  DistrictFaculty
Cindi Chester(616) 254-5265High SchoolFaculty
Amy Clay (616) 254-5145Mill CreekFaculty
Kathy Commeret (616) 254-5277High SchoolFaculty
Susan Companion (616) 254-5533Pine Island reading interventionistfaculty
Susan Companion (616) 254-5533Stoney Creek & Pine IslandFaculty
Laurie Coppedge  DistrictFaculty
Donita Coughlin(616) 254-5120Mill CreekFaculty
Marla Cron (616) 254-5610Stoney CreekFaculty
Kate Cummings(616) 254-5143Mill CreekFaculty
Lisa Czypera(616) 254-5519Pine Island 5th grade teacherFaculty
Nancy Dahl (616) 254-5201High SchoolFaculty
Mary Dalton (616) 254-5286High SchoolFaculty
Sara Davis(616) 254-5264High SchoolFaculty
Di Dellinger (616) 254-5401North KentFaculty
Jaime DeVries(616) 154-5649Stoney CreekFaculty
Jeanette Doehring (616) 254-5518Mill Creek & High SchoolFaculty
Carie Drake (616) 254-5700GreenridgeSpecial Education Assistant
Sabrina Drake(616) 254-5720GreenridgeLittle Panthers Preschool
Lisa Eardley(616) 254-5130Mill CreekFaculty
Ethan Ebenstein (616) 254-5001Central OfficeFaculty
Rob Egeler (616) 254-5007Central OfficeFaculty
Leisha Emmorey (616) 254-5201High SchoolSecretary
Jeanne Enell (616) 254-5608GreenridgeFaculty
Amy England (616) 254-5129Mill CreekFaculty
Lisa English(616) 254-5144Mill CreekFaculty
MaryBeth Essenburg(616) 254-5618Stoney CreekFaculty
Bob Fidler (616) 254-5315DistrictFaculty
Jane Fix(616) 254-5308High SchoolFaculty
Angie Freeland(616) 254-5634Stoney CreekFaculty
Dave Freeland(616) 254-5174Mill CreekFaculty
Marianne French(616) 254-5131Mill CreekFaculty
Lynnette Gavin (616) 254-5051TransportationFaculty
Trisha Genei(616) 254-5292High SchoolFaculty
Lisa Gonzalez (616) 254-5546Pine Island math interventionistfaculty
Lisa Gonzalez (616) 254-5656Stoney CreekFaculty
Peg Gonzalez(616) 254-5294High SchoolFaculty
Steve Gough(616) 254- 5204High SchoolPrincipal
Whitney Goulooze(616) 254-5132Mill CreekFaculty
Ruth Gravelyn (616) 254-5101Mill CreekSecretary
Ruth Gray  DistrictFaculty
Ruth Gray (616) 254-5561Pine Island Social Workerfaculty
Arianne Greenlee(616) 254-5637Stoney CreekFaculty
Susan Hardouin (616) 254-5175DistrictFaculty
Susan Hardouin (616) 254-5506Pine Island Psychologistfaculty
Jana Harfst  High SchoolFaculty
Tyler Harfst (616) 254-5318High SchoolFaculty
Gus Harju(616) 254-5104Mill CreekPrincipal
Hope Haveman(616) 254-5529Pine Island Resource Room teacherFaculty
Wendy Hawes(616) 254-5526Pine Island 4th grade teacherFaculty
Amanda Hite (616) 254-5616Pine Island Music teacherfaculty
Amanda Hite(616) 254-5616Stoney CreekFaculty
Joan Hudelson (616) 254-5410North KentFaculty
Robert Hurt(616) 254-5108Mill CreekDean of Students
Cheryl Hutchings(616) 254-5723Stoney CreekFaculty
Tiffany Imhoff(616) 254-5646Stoney CreekFaculty
Patti Johnson(616) 254-5633Stoney CreekFaculty
Maribeth Johnston (616) 254-5521Pine Island PE teacherFaculty
Tessa Jurewicz(616) 254-5631Stoney CreekFaculty
Kristin Keifer (616)254-5528Pine Island 3rd grade teacherFaculty
Mary Kelley(616) 254-5514Pine Island 5th grade teacherFaculty
Nicole Kiander(616) 254-5624Stoney CreekFaculty
Randy Kincaid (616) 254-5241High SchoolFaculty
Kim Kinstle  DistrictFaculty
Kim Kinstle (616) 254-5548Pine Island Speech teacherfaculty
Kim Kinstle (616) 254-5610Stoney CreekFaculty
Marie Kluisza(616) 254-5619Stoney CreekFaculty
Jennifer Kobi  DistrictFaculty
Kathy Kozal(616) 254-5527Pine Island 4th grade teacherFaculty
Carolyn La Roche(616) 254-5543Pine Island 3rd grade teacherFaculty
Laura Lamoreaux(616) 254-5549Pine Island 3rd grade teacherFaculty
Julie Larabel (616) 254-5137Mill CreekFaculty
Laurie Larson-Doornbos(616) 254-5279High SchoolFaculty
Lisa Leiterman(616) 254-5124Mill CreekFaculty
Lisa Leiterman (616)254-5539Pine Island Resource Room teacherFaculty
Jennifer Lemieux(616) 254-5738GreenridgeECSE
Nate Lisenbee (616) 254-5318High SchoolFaculty
Ashley Lowing (616)254-5542Pine Island 4th grade teacherFaculty
Rob Lucas(616) 254-5167Mill CreekFaculty
Pete Luczyk(616) 254-5317High SchoolFaculty
Jeff Malloch (616) 254-5004Central OfficeFaculty
Colleen Mandreky (616) 254-5734GreenridgeGSRP
Jerry Marble (616) 254-5177Mill CreekFaculty
Luke Marlowe (616) 254-5305High SchoolFaculty
Allison Martin (616) 254-5540Pine Island Resource Room teacherfaculty
Allison Martin(616) 254-5725GreenridgeECSE
Gina Mc Cambridge (616) 254-5213High SchoolFaculty
Susan Mc Donald (616) 254-5316High SchoolFaculty
Missi Mc Pherson (616) 254-5016Central OfficeFaculty
Danielle Mead(616) 254-5512Pine Island 5th grade teacherFaculty
Lindsay Merrill  High SchoolFaculty
Jodi Miller(616) 254-5704GreenridgeSpecial Education/Early Childhood Director
Todd Mitchell (616)254-5547Pine Island 3-5 EI regional teacherFaculty
Tony Molnar(616) 254-5534Pine Island STEM teacherFaculty
Larry Moore (616) 254-5305Mill Creek & High SchoolFaculty
Lisa Nava (616) 254-5018Central OfficeFaculty
Alexandra Nienhaus(616) 254-5635Stoney CreekFaculty
Angie Nowak (616) 254- 5287High SchoolFaculty
Angie Nowak (616) 254-5413North KentFaculty
Tim Olson(616) 254-5142Mill CreekFaculty
Cindy Overbeek (616) 254-5261High SchoolFaculty
Cindy Overbeek (616) 254-5409North KentFaculty
Heather Paparella(616) 254-5625Stoney CreekFaculty
Maggie Parrish(616) 254-5291High SchoolFaculty
Aaron Peoples (616) 254-5275High SchoolFaculty
Tony Petkus(616) 254- 5231High SchoolAthletic Director
Tony Petkus (616) 254-5231Athletic OfficeFaculty
Kim Pfeiffer(616) 254-5252High SchoolFaculty
Kim Pfeiffer (616) 254-5408North KentFaculty
Barb Pilichowski(616) 254-5727GreenridgeLittle Panthers Preschool
Jeff Post (616)254-5535Pine Island 5th grade teacherFaculty
Rebecca Prohaska  High SchoolFaculty
Kate Quist (616) 254-5719Stoney CreekFaculty
Emily Raap (616)254-5544Pine Island 3rd grade teacherFaculty
Emily Rasch  High SchoolFaculty
Stacy Reehl (616) 254-5504Pine Island PrincipalPrincipal
Kim Reynolds(616) 254-5629Stoney CreekFaculty
Nathan Rodriguez(616) 254-5127Mill CreekFaculty
Jason Rykse (616) 254-5643Stoney CreekPrincipal
Lisa Salisbury (616) 254-5402North KentFaculty
Harold Schneider(616) 254-5311Mill Creek & High SchoolFaculty
Tracy Sharp  Mill Creek & High SchoolFaculty
Jodi Smith (616) 254-5003Central OfficeFaculty
Brandi Sorden (616) 254-5010Central OfficeFaculty
Chris Sposaro (616) 254-5218High SchoolFaculty
Chris Sposaro (616) 254-5404North KentFaculty
David Staublin(616) 254-5274High SchoolFaculty
Holly Steffes (616) 254-5299High SchoolFaculty
Missi Stein(616) 254-5520Pine Island 5th grade teacherFaculty
Anna Stornant (616) 254- 5112Mill CreekFaculty
Holly Straight(616) 254-6522Stoney CreekFaculty
Dave Stump(616) 254-5151Mill CreekFaculty
Mike Swift(616) 254-5171Mill CreekFaculty
Joe Thompson(616) 254-5130Mill CreekFaculty
Lisa Thompson(616) 254-5128Mill CreekFaculty
Tara Thornton (616) 254-5293North Kent & High SchoolFaculty
Holly Uecker-Herman (616) 254-5617Pine Island Art teacherfaculty
Holly Uecker-Herman(616) 254-5617Stoney CreekFaculty
Veronica Van Wagoner(616) 254-5139Mill CreekFaculty
Rachel Vandenberg(616) 254-5654Stoney CreekFaculty
Jillian Vanderzon(616) 254-5560Pine Island ELL teacherFaculty
Cindy Virkstis (616) 254-5211High SchoolFaculty
Steve Virkstis(616) 254-5271High SchoolFaculty
Judd Vlietstra  DistrictFaculty
Sarah Weber (616) 254-5273High SchoolFaculty
Stephanie Whitmore (616)254-5513Pine Island 4th grade teacherFaculty
Barb Wier (616) 254-5310Mill CreekFaculty
Cindy Wildey (616)254-5601Stoney CreekSecretary
Mary Willacker(616) 254-5733GreenridgeLittle Panthers Preschool
Rachel Wohlford(616) 254-5133Mill CreekFaculty
Ben Woolston  Mill CreekFaculty
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