Mill Creek Middle School Staff
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Elizabeth Brown(616) 254-5170Mill CreekFaculty
Meghan Butler  Mill Creek & High SchoolFaculty
Amy Clay (616) 254-5145Mill CreekFaculty
Donita Coughlin(616) 254-5120Mill CreekFaculty
Kate Cummings(616) 254-5143Mill CreekFaculty
Jeanette Doehring (616) 254-5518Mill Creek & High SchoolFaculty
Lisa Eardley(616) 254-5130Mill CreekFaculty
Amy England (616) 254-5129Mill CreekFaculty
Lisa English(616) 254-5144Mill CreekFaculty
Dave Freeland(616) 254-5174Mill CreekFaculty
Marianne French(616) 254-5131Mill CreekFaculty
Whitney Goulooze(616) 254-5132Mill CreekFaculty
Ruth Gravelyn (616) 254-5101Mill CreekSecretary
Gus Harju(616) 254-5104Mill CreekPrincipal
Robert Hurt(616) 254-5108Mill CreekDean of Students
Julie Larabel (616) 254-5137Mill CreekFaculty
Lisa Leiterman(616) 254-5124Mill CreekFaculty
Rob Lucas(616) 254-5167Mill CreekFaculty
Jerry Marble (616) 254-5177Mill CreekFaculty
Larry Moore (616) 254-5305Mill Creek & High SchoolFaculty
Tim Olson(616) 254-5142Mill CreekFaculty
Nathan Rodriguez(616) 254-5127Mill CreekFaculty
Tracy Sharp  Mill Creek & High SchoolFaculty
Anna Stornant (616) 254- 5112Mill CreekFaculty
Dave Stump(616) 254-5151Mill CreekFaculty
Mike Swift(616) 254-5171Mill CreekFaculty
Joe Thompson(616) 254-5130Mill CreekFaculty
Lisa Thompson(616) 254-5128Mill CreekFaculty
Veronica Van Wagoner(616) 254-5139Mill CreekFaculty
Barb Wier (616) 254-5310Mill CreekFaculty
Rachel Wohlford(616) 254-5133Mill CreekFaculty
Ben Woolston  Mill CreekFaculty
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