Literacy is the Focus

Literacy is the foundation for most of the Stoney Creek school day. The focus on early literacy skills is essential for our young students. At Stoney Creek we are determined to assist students in “Learning to Read” so that when they reach Pine Island they are “Reading to Learn.”

Research has shown that early intervention with struggling readers is the most effective way to ensure reading success. We will use a variety of techniques and strategies to teach students in their early development of Literacy skills, while providing a rich background of support for those students that have mastered those necessary skills for life-long enjoyment of reading.

Using practices from phonic and phonemic instruction, literature-based instruction, guided reading, and four-block methods, we will provide a diverse experience to capture each student. We will provide the instruction in the learning style that is critical for individual understanding to develop.

A well-versed classroom teaching staff and a Reading Support staff that is well-trained in diagnostic and prescriptive teaching methods work together to provide the very best in early literacy instruction.

The following Literacy activities can assist you at home when working with your young child on developing Literacy skills. (Leaving District Website)

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