Comstock Park High School

We, the staff of Comstock Park High School, in partnership with the community and students, are dedicated to developing productive citizens by:

  • Educating all students to actively acquire skills and knowledge through academic, physical, social, and cultural activities; and
  • Equipping all students to achieve their potential, cope with change, and produce quality products.

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Upcoming Events ......... Winter Vacation December 22nd through January 6th. Enjoy!!

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Winter Vacation - December 22nd - January 6th, 2019 Happy Holidays!
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2017-18 Honor Roll - 2nd Semester

Comstock Park High School

150 Six Mile Rd. NE
Comstock Park, MI 49321
Phone: (616) 254-5200
Fax: (616) 785-9835

Attendance: (616) 254-5201


Front Office

Dan Holden
(616) 254-5202
Tony Petkus
Asst. Principal
(616) 254-5231
Leisha Emmorey
(616) 254-5201
Nancy Dahl
Attendance Secretary
(616) 254-5201
Carolyn Bolthouse
Guidance Office
(616) 254-5214
Gina Mc Cambridge
Guidance Office
(616) 254-5213
Cindy Virkstis
Guidance Office Secretary
(616) 254-5211
Chris Sposaro
(616) 254-5218

Building Hours

Office Hours: 7:00 - 3:30pm 
School Day:  7:40 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Half Day Dismissal: 11:00 a.m.

Tony Parker and Kevin McLellan are our Board of Education building officers for the High School.


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