Business Office Update

The Business Office staff is here to provide quality business and financial services to the district and community.  We strive to provide excellent customer service and utilize sound business practices.

Business Office Written Procedures

Below is the link to our Business Office Written Procedures Manual.  Information regarding budgets can be found by clicking on the Transparency Guidelines link on our homepage. Budgets are adopted by the Board of Education before July 1 of the operating school year.  Several budget adoptions are presented to the Board of Education throughout the year as additional funding information is received from the State of Michigan, student enrollment numbers are confirmed and as staffing needs change.

Our finances are audited annually by an independent firm and presented to the Board of Education for their review. 

PDF DocumentBusiness Office Written Procedures

Facilities Update

The support of our community through the Building and Repair fund in May of 2005 has allowed the district to put into place a comprehensive maintenance program to maintain and improve our facilities to meet the Board of Education goals of Student Learning and Fiscal Responsibility.

The building and repair tax levy allows the district to invest over $400,000 yearly in maintaining, repairing and upgrading our facilities.

Pest Management Plan

Comstock Park Public Schools has adopted an Integrated Pest Management program. Inherent with this are the District’s efforts to reduce pesticide use as much as possible. While it may occasionally be necessary to apply a pesticide, these will only be used as a last resort. This program does not rely on routine pesticide applications to resolve problems. We use various techniques such as habitat alteration, sanitation, mechanical means, exclusion, etc. to prevent pests from becoming a problem.

Advanced notice of the application of a pesticide, other than bait or gel formulations at your child’s school will be posted. This advance notice of the application will be given 48 hours before the application.

The law requires us to do this notification by using two methods. The first method required by the law is the posting at the primary entrances to your child’s school. The entrances that will be posted are those entrances that have a sidewalk that leads directly to a parking lot. Notification will also be posted at entrances to athletic fields when a trufgrass application occurs. The second method we are going to use is the posting in a common area located by the main office of the school. Parents are also entitled to receive this notice by email. Parents may also request to view the IPM Program and any pesticide application records. If you would like to be notified by email or view the IPM Program and pesticide records, please contact the Director of Finance and Operations - 

In an emergency (for example, bees nest), pesticides may be applied without prior notice, but you will be provided notice following any such application.

Comstock Park Public Schools offers a wide-range of state of the art facilities that are available for use outside of school hours.  If you are an individual or organization that is interested in utilizing one of our sites, please see more information below.

Please contact Leisha Emmorey at (616)254-5238 for more information or to book your event now!

Facility Agreement, Guidelines, and Rate Schedule

Please click the link below to access a PDF containing more information.

Facility Reservation & Usage Guidelines

General Facility Use Agreement

Facility Rental Fee Schedule

Rental Package Information

Comstock Park Public Schools offers several Rental Packages for your event hosting needs.  Please see our package information below.

Activity Center Rental Package

Cafeteria Rental Package

Classroom Rental Package

Gymnasium Rental Package

Media Center Rental Package