Welcome to Mill Creek Middle School

The mission of Mill Creek Middle School staff is to prepare students for adolescence and high school years while educating them to become life-long learners.

Mill Creek's Goals

  • End of year 8th grade students ready to take Algebra 1
  • All students proficient with grade level vocabulary
  • Clear and concise communication between school and home

Upcoming Events


Important information about your student’s education in these unprecedented times.

  Below is Mill Creek Middle School’s plan for educating students from a distance. Please review so you and your student do not miss opportunities. This information will also be posted on our district webpage as well.

Remote Learning from Home:

For students with internet service and a device:

For the past few weeks, all teachers at Mill Creek have been posting lessons in their Google Classrooms for students to work on from home.  This will continue for the next seven weeks. If your child doesn’t remember their Google Classroom code, please email their teacher.


For students with internet service, but no device:

Mill Creek Middle School is providing a device to Mill Creek families that have internet service but not a device.  A device can be signed out in the media center on the date and time listed below. Students can then begin accessing their teacher’s Google Classroom.  If your child doesn’t remember their Google Classroom code, please email their teacher.


For student without internet or a device:

Beginning the week of April 20th, packet lessons will be made available to middle school families.  MCMS will provide packets for each course available for students to pick up on the designated student pickup dates outlined below.  Packets will be available outside each teacher’s room located on a table outside their room. Please email a picture of completed work to the teacher to demonstrate engagement.

 Please only take a packet if you do not have internet or a device at home! 


***If you cannot pick up a learning packet or device, please email Robb Hurt at rhurt@cppschools.com  or Gus Harju at gharju@cppschools.com   We will work on finding a way to resolve this problem.  

Third Marking Period Grades

We had one week in the third marking period before our school closed.  Since we were so close in completing it, all grades at that time will be reflected on your report card.  Report cards will be mailed out in the next few weeks for the third marking period.

Grading Remotely

All students who are engaged with learning remotely will receive Credit (CR) on their fourth marking period report card.  This measurement will be assessed by student engagement with lessons in Google Classroom or packets. If you don’t have a device and instead are working on a packet, take a picture of completed work and email it to your teachers to demonstrate engagement.  The essential quest that we are seeking is for students to be engaged with learning during this period of time. Students who are engaged will be promoted to the next grade level.  

Students that are not engaged will receive a No Credit (NC) on their 4th marking period report card.  

Gus Harju, Principal




               Comstock Park Public Schools

                Student Chromebook Return

                              June 2020

If you are in possession of a district provided Chromebook device, please make arrangements to return the device at one of the following times below:

Date: Monday, June 8

Time: 9:00AM-12:00PM

Location: Mill Creek Middle School – School Street Entrance


Date: Wednesday, June 10

Time: 4:00PM-7:00PM

Location: Mill Creek Middle School – School Street Entrance


The district technology team will be onsite to check in the device. Please remember to bring the charger with you. Please pull up to the building entrance and the tech staff will meet you at your vehicle – There is no need to enter the building.

If you have any questions, please send an email to techsupport@cppschools.com.


Tips & Tools for Coping with Stress & How to Stay Organized:

Tips for Managing Stress


Staying Organized


 *Resources for our families to ensure they are receiving the supports they need this summer.  Flyers and information  regarding the services available through Arbor Circle.  

Mill Creek Summer Flyer

Mill Creek Summer Flyer (Spanish)

Mill Creek Summer Office Hours

Mill Creek Summer Office Hours (Spanish)

Mental Health Warning Signs





Interested in joining 6th Grade Choir? Check out the link below:


COVID-19 Important Items



Tomorrow (Wednesday, 5/27) we start with the new meal delivery and pick up schedule. See the times and locations below. We are only delivering meals on Wednesdays. You will receive 7 days worth of meals. We look forward to seeing you!

·         York Creek Community Center 11:00AM-11:30AM

·         Trailer Park West River Dr. 10:00-10:15AM

·         Trailer Park North Side Post Dr. Offices Lower Parking Lot 10:15AM-10:30AM

·         Trailer Park South Side Post Dr. Offices by Mailboxes and Circular Drive 10:00AM-10:15AM

·         CPHS - Back Entrance 11:30AM-12:30PM

·         CPHS - Back Entrance 4:30PM-5:30PM

·         Stoney Creek by the office 11:00AM-11:30AM

Have a great day!





Teacher          Course                               Classroom Code

Olson, Tim     All Math Classes                  uhgiek4

Olson, Tim    8th Science                            6u5ej5n

Mohrhardt    8th Grade Social Studies     bcg7v3e

Rybarczyk     World History                        jv7owtt

Rybarczyk     US History                             tgqkegh

Rybarczyk      English 8                                gwtvnmy

Nixon              Spanish 1 - First hour         4p367ed

Nixon              Spanish 1 - Second hour      zqbjsce

Cummings       2nd Hour Math                    vnvzxar

Cummings        5th Hour Math                   lyzv6gj

Cummings      Careers                                 nukbv4t

Marlowe             6th grade Band                   typ5bcy

Marlowe              7th grade Band                  f2fe2vt

Marlowe              8th grade Band                 h25wtww

J. Thompson       1st hour Math 7A              zk6izdn

J. Thompson        3rd hour Math 7C               jai5mt7

J. Thompson          4th hour Math 7A            giufrrv

J. Thompson           5th hour 8th Algebra      dcwrekj

J. Thompson          6th hour Math 7A            kt3g5b5

Butler                   1st Hour Science - 8th        ifwsxxj

Butler               3rd Hour Science - 7th             z7sx346

Butler              3rd Hour Science - 8th             odhpfip

Butler               3rd Hour Science - 8th               i3rboi7

Butler            3rd Hour Science - 8th                 tpfzeve

Lucas               SS6 - 1st Period                            xnkmyf2

Lucas               SS6 - 2nd Period                          muyt373

Lucas              SS8 - 3rd Period                           u2j2ksx

Lucas               SS8 - 4th Period                           vuijtuc

Lucas               SS8 - 5th Period                           6hengbz

L.Thompson    6th Math - 1st hour                  uoatsyc

L.Thompson    7th  Math - 2nd hour                7fwsph3

L.Thompson   8th Math - 3rd hour                  qa4b35h

L.Thompson   8th Math - 4th hour                        ps4lido

L.Thompson      Pre-Algebra - 5th hour                  x2otxjt

Schneider            3rd                                               t4wp4wf 

Schneider           4th                                               kbbbe6w

Schneider           5th                                               l3awysy

Schneider           6th                                               sju3ii6

E. Brown          6th Grade Pull out LA                   smbk6b3

Getter               6th grade pull out Math               jub6a5i

Freeland             PreAlgebra                                 dv4jc6s

Freeland               6th Grade Computers            ej66ush

Freeland               7th Computers                        hwg5kdk

Freeland                   8th Computers                    cqgankl

England                  1st Hour LA                            co7vsvk

England                       2nd Hour LA                      zjf4spj

England                   3rd Hour LA                           nvfwn3n

England                 6th Hour LA                             zrjrpk2

English             1st hour 7th Grade LA        ezczgb5

English               2nd hour 7th Grade LA     2llyr3j

English               4th hour 7th Grade LA     kfqrxdz

English              5th hour 7th Grade LA        g6c3cmd

English               6th hour 6th Grade LA        towxbdr

Clay                   EL Newcomers 1st hr             hxfbqbw

Clay                      Literacy Extensions 4th     n3n5wk4

French                2nd Hour 6th Grade S   zmlz6js

French               3rd Hour 6th Grade SS    ecyjrzk

French                4th Hr 7th Grade SS    czu726h

French                5th Hr 7th Grade SS     rdtgmro

French              6th Hour 6th Grade SS         kdjdajn

Goulooze              6,7,8-Art & Design            dgqwwpn

Doehring           6th Grade Woodwinds       g4tyf6m

Doehring           6th Grade Choir               f36e7kg

Doehring          7th Grade Choir                365vvv6

Doehring          8th Grade Choir                lu5kcou

Wohlford          1st Hour 7th Science         sbhvuvh

Wohlford          2nd Hour 7th Science            wlok6j5

Wohlford        5th Hour 7th Science             zttolo6o

Wohlford       6th Hour 7th Science              ixsg63z

Wohlford      3rd Hour 6th Science               hwhkomw

Kluisza           1st Hour 8th Grade A.S.        mhygwos

Kluisza           2nd Hour 7th Grade A.S.        d4oaa3t

Swift           1st Hr 7th Grade ELA      3umse3l Last digit is a letter

Swift           2nd Hour 8th Grade ELA         63d3fy4

Swift           3rd Hour 8th Grade ELA           3yw5p27

Swift           4th Hour 8th Grade ELA           2knm6en

Swift          5th Hour 8th Grade ELA       vu2iivn

Stump        1st hr. PE 8th grade             3ywaexs

Stump        2nd hr. PE 7th grade           3xz62wb

Stump       3rd hr. PE 8th grade             4mkqhw

Stump       5th hr. PE 6th grade             rt3tw5b

Stump       6th hr, PE 7th grade            sjwvchx

C. Brown        1st Hr. Science                xcovdix

C. Brown        2nd Hr. Science               vav2rgv

C. Brown       3rd Hr. Science                hok75ks

C. Brown   6th Hr. Science      llbyd72**The first 2 letters are lowercase "L"


Comstock Park Public Schools - Athletic Department

We are very excited to announce that the Comstock Park Public Schools Athletic Department has partnered with FinalForms, an online forms and data management service. FinalForms allows you to complete and sign athletic participation forms for your students. The most exciting news is that FinalForms saves data from season-to-season and year-to-year, meaning that you will never need to enter the same information twice! FinalForms also pre-populates information wherever possible, for each of your students, saving you time. 

You may review your data at any time to verify it is current. You will be required to sign your forms once per year and after any update.

Click on the Parent Playbook (attached) to get started in FinalForms. If you require any support during the process, scroll to the page bottom and click “Use Support”.

We are asking that ALL parents of Mill Creek Middle School and Comstock Park High School athletes use FinalForms to register for spring sports.    

Please register at:  https://comstockpark-mi.finalforms.com and follow the prompts to create your account, create your students and sign your forms. 

Thank you for your assistance in streamlining our paperwork processes at Comstock Park Public Schools..

CPPS Athletic Staff

Parent Playbook






Mill Creek Entrances

Have you ever wondered "How do I get in that school? There are so many doors!" Hopefully the map below can help.

All students being dropped off before school and/or picked up after school should use the SCHOOL STREET parking lot. This is for all grades. No students should ever be dropped off or picked up in the Office parking lot.

The Betty Street parking lot is for buses only.

During the school day the only door that is unlocked is the Betty St office. Our office hours are 7:00 - 3:15.


Aerial Map of School and Parking Lots

location of middle school parking lots

Mill Creek Middle School

100 Betty Street NE
Comstock Park, MI 49321
Phone: (616) 254-5100
Fax: (616) 785-2464

Front Office

Gus Harju
(616) 254-5104
Jodi Ryan
Robert Hurt
Dean of Students
(616) 254-5108
Heather Barnard
School Counselor
(616) 254-5112
Emily Garneau

School Hours 7:30 - 2:20
Half Day Dismissal 10:50
Office Hours 7:00 - 3:15


Upcoming Events


13 - 1/2 day for students, Staff  Prof. Development

20 - End of 3rd Marking Period

24 - PAC Meeting, 6pm

24 - Choir Concert, 7pm @ HS


3-10 - Spring Break - No School

13 - Students Return to school




Information about these events will appear to the right as it becomes available. These dates are subject to change.

Sports Schedules

Winter 2 schedule

*Updated 1/14/2020

(Subject to Revisions)