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The Leader in Me great happens herePine Island Elementary currently houses the third-fifth grade population for Comstock Park Public Schools. 

Thanks for inviting us to share in your child’s educational journey.  This is an exciting time for your family and we are honored to be a part of your experience.  Throughout your time here, you’ll discover many facets of excellence, all of which, we hope, will lead you to agree that Pine Island truly is a place where we grow leaders!

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2020-2021 Returning Student Registration

Updating your student(s) information for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year is available online! You will use the PowerSchool Parent Portal to access the PowerSchool Registration to complete this process.  This lets us know your student is planning to return to Comstock Park for the 20/21 school year and helps us to begin the process of scheduling students over the summer. Your student will not receive a class schedule or teacher assignment until the registration has been completed. If your student will not be returning next year, please send an email to lnava@cppschools.com with where your student plans on attending in the fall so we can remove their name from this list to avoid future reminders from being sent.

August 2020

August 17th- Monday - SCHOOL PICTURES

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August 31 - Monday - FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL

Important Message From the Superintendent Regarding Back to School Plans- August 6th, 2020

Dear Comstock Park families and community members,  (Click here for Spanish Version)

I hope this message finds you well! Our ultimate goal has been, and will remain, to create the safest possible environment for our staff and students while also accommodating state requirements, recommendations, and new laws and legislation.  I want to thank you for completing the survey questions sent to you last week. This is a very confusing time for all families attempting to find answers for what the 2020-2021 school year will look like and we appreciate your input. For those of you following the television and local media reports, we understand how confusing it is with seemingly every school district communicating different plans which often change from week to week. 

We have been working all summer with the board of education, administrators, teachers, support staff, and area superintendents to follow best safety practices. We know how important it is to have our students and staff safely in school. At this time, given the ever changing nature of our world, we have settled on a plan we feel puts us in the best position to create the safest possible environment at school while also maintaining consistency for our students and families. We ask that you please keep in mind that, at any time, a State Executive Order or legislative decision could bring changes.

Our survey data from parents indicates you would prefer, if possible, to have your children start the school year with in person learning.  Some of you, however, want to continue with virtual learning. As we take both variables into consideration, it seems the most preferable option will be to begin the school year with two options.  A fully virtual option for those wishing to learn from home and a hybrid learning plan for those wishing to return to school in person.  Both options will begin on Monday August 31, 2020. 

For those who prefer a virtual learning experience, we ask that you commit to one full semester.  This spring we were thrust into distance learning with little time to prepare.  This summer we have had time to prepare and are partnering with Edgenuity a virtual learning platform which provides capabilities we did not have before.  Each student will be assigned a mentor teacher who will track student progress and communicating with students and parents whenever necessary.  Additionally, students will have access to content specific teachers to support their learning.  Depending on the grade level, course work will be done at each child’s own pace through the virtual learning platform supported by Comstock Park staff members.  

For parents who select in person learning, we believe the safest option will be to start the school year with a hybrid learning option which will drastically increase our capability to provide social distancing in most areas.  The hybrid plan will allow us to have only half of the student population in buildings at once while the other half of students will learn virtually from home.  This plan will help students transition to wearing masks, adjust to new routines, and allow us to clean and sanitize work areas on a regular basis.  For example, if you can picture a classroom last year with 30 students, we will now be able to separate desks and work areas far more effectively with 15 children. 

To make this happen, our kids will be split into two groups:  The green team will have school in person on Monday and Tuesday, while the gold team will be in school on Thursday and Friday.  While we will maintain a regular cleaning schedule every day, Wednesday will be set aside for major cleaning, wanting to prioritize sanitation first and foremost.  Wednesday will also be a day for students to meet virtually with staff members to support their learning.  Students will also be required to communicate regularly with staff members and complete assignments during virtual days.  When teams are not in school, they will continue their lessons virtually (at home) with the new comprehensive plan noted above.  We will make determinations for green and gold groups once we know which students have enrolled in Comstock Park Virtual.

We will begin the school year with this schedule to make sure our students and staff are safe and the new systems are working, as expected.  This plan will be reviewed on a weekly basis.  In the event that things are running smoothly and it is apparent that we are able to maintain student and staff safety measures, we would plan to move to a more traditional format in our next stage.  In this scenario, beginning on September 21, following both parent and teacher reviews, we would modify the in school plan in the following way:  For students in Grades RK through grade 5, the schedule for in school instruction will transition to Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for all students while Wednesday will continue to be a deep cleaning day—also a day when students can continue virtual learning. 

Due to the amount of transitions from class to class, school lunches, and the space required to accommodate our student body and safety measures, grades 6-12 are continuing to work with the health department and other state agencies to identify the best strategies for returning the entire student body to school together.

We continue to ask for your support as we navigate these uncertain times.


David Washburn


Pine Island Parent Information

Bus Ridership Form  - English https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSepMKHmNm_tgZjDtp4GW_oceFh2No0Z3PwoTshvsCxJDUTyag/viewform?usp=sf_link

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Virtual Learning Sign up – English https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScAmzvovt4PcbnQjit6pxG23vCe1Uu2eOaIaLMakPsQnD9FCg/viewform?usp=sf_link

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School Pictures

School pictures Monday, August 17  1-3pm; 5-7pm - Click for more information

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Suggested School Supplies list for 2020-2021

Are you interested in Free/Reduced Meals for the school year? We encourage everyone to complete the application. Save yourself some money and help the schools with additional funding!  More people qualify than you think. The site is safe, secure and confidential. If you have already competed the application or automatically qualify through the State, there is no need to complete it again.


September 2020

September 7th, Monday- NO SCHOOL - Labor Day

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Pine Island Elementary

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Board of Education

Ted Spangenberg is the Pine Island Building Liason for the 2020-2021 school year.