Curriculum & Assessment

Comstock Park Public Schools follow the State adopted Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics.  The CCSS originated in 2009 when the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and Council of Chief State School Officers convened a group of educators and stakeholders with experience in curriculum design, assessment and education of all levels.

Curriculum Documents

Common Core outlines quantifiable benchmarks in English and Mathematics that should be met by the end of each grade level. The goal is to ensure that American high school graduates have received an education that prepares them for either higher education or direct entry into the workforce.

In the Common Core Standards, expectations for both ELA and Math within Science and Social Studies content areas, can be found. The Next Generation Science Standards align with CCSS curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional preparation and development.  The Next Generation Science Standards will be the district’s Science curriculum.

Our High School will continue to follow the guidelines of the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

Link to Common Core State Standards; both Math and ELA

Link to Next Generation Science Standards

Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) – effective for students entering 8th grade of 2006

Please contact the school building administrator if you have questions.

Thinking Maps

Comstock Park Educators use Thinking Maps as tools to enhance student achievement in the classroom.
Below you will find blank Thinking Maps and examples of Thinking Maps that have already been filled out.

Video Presentation on Thinking Maps

Part 1     Part 2


Thinking Maps
Blank Thinking Maps Brace Map Bridge Map Bubble Map Circle Map Double Bubble Map Flow Map Multi-Flow Map Tree Map
Example Thinking Maps Brace Map Bridge Map Bubble Map Circle Map Double Bubble Map Flow Map Mutli-Flow Map Tree Map


Higher Order Thinking Skills

A major shift in our curriculum this year will be consciously moving from asking  questions that rely on memorization to asking questions that move the students to use Higher Order Thinking Skills, often referred to as H.O.T.S.  Listed are articles written for parents that discuss the move to HOTS and the reasoning behind this critical shift in instructional practices in our classrooms.  Please contact me at or 254-5016 if you have further questions regarding this shift in curriculum.

Developing Better thinking Skills in our Children

How to Increase Higher Order Thinking

Reading comprehension and Higher Order Thinking Skills

Encouraging Higher Order Thinking