School Health Program

Healthy, Safe and Ready to Learn

Comstock Park in partnership with Spectrum Health Healthier Communities, employs a full time Registered Nurse, Heather Norman, RN, BSN. Mrs. Norman provides health services for all of our district buildings.

Needed forms and school supplies for health concerns:

o    Severe Allergies:

  • EPI Pen and/or Benadryl and Medication Consent Forms
  • Allergy Action Plan from Physician
  • Dietary Accommodation form if food related
  • Individualized Health Plan    

o    Asthma:

  • Inhaler and Medication Consent Form
  • Asthma Action Plan from Physician
  • Individualized Health Plan

o    Chronic Conditions

  • Action Plan from Physician
  • Individualized Health Plan
  • Classroom Healthcare Plan

o    Diabetes

  • Medication Consent Form for Insulin
  • Medication Consent Form for Glucagon
  • Physician's Individualized Plan of Care for current school year
  • Emergency Supplies at school: 

Ketone Test Strips



Pump Supplies