School Health Program

In partnership with Corewell Health Healthier Communities, Comstock Park employs a full time Registered Nurse, Karis Pugh.  You can contact our nurse at (616) 254-5030 or via email at  


Latest Updates:

Cardiac Emergency Awareness

The recent cardiac emergency of a NFL player has brought a lot of attention to cardiac readiness importance!

Our school is designated as an MI Heart Safe School, and adheres to strict protocols about AED availability, emergency response training, and CPR certification.

Click HERE for a statement from Project Adam.

Fish and Nut Free District

The entire district is now “Nut and Fish Free”. We have many with severe allergies throughout the district, and want to ensure that we are providing the safest school experience for all students! We ask that you please refrain from sending any lunches or snacks with nuts such as peanuts or almonds, peanut butter, etc. as well as any fish. If those are some of your child’s favorite foods, I am happy to help you find some tasty alternatives!

I have created a document attached HERE titled Peanut, Nut, and Fish Alternatives with some great options for those picky eaters and students that love PB& J's.


Thank you so much for your help, understanding, and caring for our kiddos!

Needed forms and school supplies for health concerns:

*Please note that an Action Plan will be needed for Asthma and  Severe Allergies. Please get this from your physician when getting medication consent forms*

o    Severe Allergies:

  • EPI Pen and/or Benadryl and Medication Consent Forms
  • Allergy Action Plan from Physician
  • Dietary Accommodation form if food related
  • Individualized Health Plan    

o    Asthma:

  • Inhaler and Medication Consent Form
  • Asthma Action Plan from Physician
  • Individualized Health Plan

o    Chronic Conditions

  • Action Plan from Physician
  • Individualized Health Plan
  • Classroom Healthcare Plan

o    Diabetes

  • Medication Consent Form for Insulin
  • Medication Consent Form for Glucagon
  • Physician's Individualized Plan of Care for current school year
  • Emergency Supplies at school: 

Ketone Test Strips



Pump Supplies