Little Panthers Preschool

Enrollment for Little Panthers Preschool 

Space is limited. Please contact the office for questions at 616-254-5700 or

Little Panthers Preschool Overview

We offer an engaging preschool program that aligns with your family schedule. Please click the links below to discover what program meets your needs.

Little Panthers Tuition Based Preschool

We know that early childhood experiences are critical to a child’s development and  overall potential. We are committed to the families we serve, providing engaging  opportunities and support as we partner to nurture your child’s development. We exist to  provide a safe, developmentally appropriate and inclusive environment for children,  focusing on social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. 

At Greenridge Early Childhood Center we have developed a successful program aligned  with Michigan’s early childhood goals and Comstock Park’s kindergarten curriculum. We  believe it is our privilege to support students in reaching their highest developmental,  academic and social-emotional potential. We strive to create developmentally appropriate  lessons and environments for learning. Our goal is to create and support children’s desire  to be life-long learners. 

Registration Information

A $40 non-refundable registration fee is required to hold your child’s spot in the fall program. This fee does not apply toward tuition. 

Greenridge Early Childhood Center
3825 Oakridge Ave NW
Comstock Park, MI  49321.

For the Fall of 2023:
*Children must be 4 by DEC. 1, 2023 to enter the M/T/W/Th - 4 year-old session.
**Children must be 3 by DEC. 1, 2023 and toilet independent to enter the M/T/Th - 3 year old session.