Families in Transition

The McKinney-Vento Assistance Act provides certain rights and protections for families experiencing homelessness. According to McKinney-Vento, anyone who lacks a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence is homeless.

Information for Families

United Way 2-1-1 free informational and referral services website.

Head Start information for Kent County.

Kent County Brochure


Tips for Staff

Many questions can arise in working with families in transition. Below you will find nine questions or topics that are discussed in our Family in Transitions Document. If you would like answers to any of those questions, please click here.

Tip #1 - Definition of Homelessness (according to McKinney-Vento)

Tip #2 - "Are ALL children and youth who live with friends or relatives considered homeless?"

Tip #3 - Referral Process

Tip # 4 - Can the enrollment of a homeless student be delayed until appropriate records are received?

Tip # 5 - Recognizing Possible Signs

Tip #6 - Can a child or youth identified as homeless be denied enrollment because they are not accompanied by a parent or guardian?

Tip #7 - Ensuring opportunities for extra-curricular activities

Tip #8 - Transportation

Tip #9 - Families in Transition

Contact Information

Comstock Park Public Schools and the State of Michigan have Liaisons that can assist with questions.

District Liaison
Missi McPherson
Comstock Park Public Schools
Educational Support Services
(616) 254-5016

State Liaison
Pamela Kias-Lowe
MI Department of Education
State Coordinator for Homeless
(517) 241-1162