Vision and Hearing Screenings

Comstock Park Parents,

Within the next couple of months, each of our schools will have their vision and hearing screenings done through the Kent County Health Department!

Watch the building calendars for schedules. 

Your local health department works in conjunction with your child's school to provide hearing and vision screenings based on the list below.

  • Preschool - hearing and vision
  • Kindergarten - hearing
  • 1st grade - vision
  • 2nd grade - hearing
  • 3rd grade - vision
  • 4th grade - hearing
  • 5th, 7th, and 9th grades - vision

What if your child is showing signs of vision problems, but isn’t in the grade to be screened?

Please contact me (the District Nurse) or let your child’s teacher know to contact me.

If they are showing signs of struggling, we can get them screened!


What if I am having trouble paying for vision services and glasses?

If you are having trouble paying for glasses for your child, please see this link for resources and contact me, I may be able provide some additional assistance!




Vision Resources

Medicaid covers eye exams and glasses for children!

A routine eye examination once every two years is a Medicaid benefit and does not require prior authorization.

A complete pair of eyeglasses is a Medicaid benefit and does not require prior authorization when the beneficiary's eyeglasses have been lost, stolen or broken beyond repair and the number of replacements have not exceeded Medicaid limits which are: For beneficiaries under age 21, two pair of replacement glasses per year (one year is defined as 365 days from the date of the first pair of glasses was ordered)

Most families with Medicaid are in a Medicaid managed care plan. Each plan has many eye care providers available. Kent County has five Medicaid managed care plans that a person may choose or be assigned the member services number (on the Medicaid card) for the eye care provider list.

  • Blue Cross Complete
    • 1-800-228-8554
  • McLaren Health Plan
    • 1-888-327-0671
  • Meridian Health Plan
    • 1-888437-0606
  • Molina Health Plan
    • 1-888-898-7969
  • Priority Health
    • 1-888-975-8102
  • United Health Care
    • 1-866-633-2446

Non-Profit / Charitable eye care providers

  •  GR Lions Club Vision Clinic at Heart of the City Health Center: 616-776-2135
  •  Cherry Health Montcalm Area Health Vision Clinic: 616-225-9650 o Sliding Fee Program available. You may apply if you have no insurance or if you need assistance to help pay for your care at Cherry Health.
  •  Wyoming Community Health Center: 616-965-8333
  •  InfantSee Free eye evaluation for infants 6 months to one year.

Optometrists (vision or health insurance and self-pay)

  • Retail optical stores in malls or discount stores (Walmart Vision Centers, Meijer Optical, Sam's Club Optical Center, Costco Optical, Eyeglass World, America's Best Contacts & Glasses)
  •  Search for a doctor in your area,


If your child does not have medical insurance, please apply for Medicaid or MIChild. On-line applications available at or we can help you by appointment here.


Kent County H & V Screening Program 616-632-7047 Call with any questions!!

FREE Vision Screenings at Your Local Health Department

Compiled by: K. Alderman, Hearing & Vision Coordinator, 616-632-7235                                              VisionResource 08/9