Daily Screener

For In Person Learners:

Comstock Park Public Schools has partnered with the Kent County Health Department and Patient Education Genius. Every in person student and staff member must complete this daily screener prior to coming to campus. You may choose to receive the screener by email or text message. 

If you are new to the District, or need to change your contact information, please see below:

  • Please only provide a single set of contact information (one phone number and one email is a set). If your family is between two households, we suggest that you use a phone number for one household and an email address for the second household.
  • Please complete the Google Form for each child that you have in the district. 
  • Mill Creek or High School students may complete the Screener themselves. If that is what you wish to do, please put their contact information in the Google Form.


Google Form English:



Google Form Spanish:


For Virtual Learners:


If your student will be coming to Comstock Park building(s) or ground(s), they will instead need to fill out the following screener. You should not sign up for the daily email or text messages above, because your student will not be on campus every day for school.


Student Daily COVID Screening

Spanish Student Daily COVID Screening